Today, I am depressed.

my behavior is strange
my voice is down 
and my smile is disappeared

I am not going to say sorry  i quit your dinner
I am not going to say sorry  i didnt make a fun on your glance
and I am not going to say sorry that......whatever!!

I've do my best to call it's a day as soon as possible.
Yeah I am buggy and I am  crawling fi my bug hole!
I've run back like i am chasing by a monster.
but i am still not fast enough to dodge your "official commend".
thank you for being my spokesman !
but how you spoke a man that I dont even know!?

What's that look!?
is that judgement or courgement? sorry but i cant tell
why you said that no alcoho would be fine as well?
is that sweety or sarcastic?
I know your intentions were good
but do you know what i really think? do you know what i really mean?
why you! all of you!
over translated my words and my thoughts?
and give me an oh-I-know-face ?
I even dont know!?
that face really make me more depressed!

well true i made some mistakes.
but how do you know the reason!?
i might just not good at that
i might just have a bad day
i might just didnt sleep well last night
i mingt just did it wrong
please !!! you dont really have to analyze my mistake as your thinking
coz you just know parts of me
really small parts of me

Ok~ here you see that i am complaining! yeah i am !
coz been through a super depressed day
I have no one to hug to?
on one on earth!
how pathetic!
oh my to speak out loud
Now I am really depressed to death.

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